Agronomist reports late-season disease pressure


Agronomist reports late-season disease pressure

An agronomist with Advanced Agrilytics says he’s seeing increased late-season disease pressure.  

Jason Greve is based in Western Ohio.

“The pressure on disease this year specifically in corn has probably been as high as I’ve seen in several years,” he says. 

He tells Brownfield “the big thing I see right now is acres that weren’t managed with a fungicide application are really starting to see northern corn leaf blight. Tar spot and southern rust have also been a challenge.”

Greve encourages farmers experiencing disease pressure to begin planning for the 2022 season.  

“Knowing that we have the potential for tar spot to over-winter, what does our residue management strategy look like this fall as a set up for the 2022 season,” he says. “I‘m always looking for that forethought going forward into next season of what do I do and how do I set myself up for a successful 2022 season. “

He says scouting should continue to be a priority as harvest continues.