Ag inputs prices remain a top concern


Ag inputs prices remain a top concern

Ag input prices continue to be top of mind for growers.

Jeremiah Windell, a precision agronomist with Advanced Agrilytics, says rising prices are concerning.

“I was just talking to a local co-op and potash prices per ton right now are close to $600. Last year we were paying between $180 and $200, so we’ve tripled in prices just for potash and I think DAP was over $700 a ton.”  

He tells Brownfield variable-rate applications can pay off.

“This year, if you have somebody that can get you to variable rate your P and K, I think that’s going to pay,” he says. “…this is probably the year that we’re just going to have to survive it. You need to spread what you need to spread to grow the crop, but no more than that.”

Overall, he says farmers should use the information on hand to make the best-informed decision.

Windell covers parts of Indiana and Kentucky.

Audio: Jeremiah Windell