Wisconsin’s harvest moves along


Wisconsin’s harvest moves along

Above normal temperatures and favorable field conditions allowed Wisconsin farmers to continue harvesting last week.

USDA reporters say about four-and-a-half days were suitable for fieldwork, and many areas were 10 degrees warmer than usual for mid-October.

Ninety-one percent of the state’s corn is mature and 24% of the corn-for-grain harvest is finished.  More than 95% of the corn silage is harvested.  Moisture content for the grain was averaging 21%, and 73% of the crop was in good to excellent condition.

More than 97% of Wisconsin’s soybeans are dropping leaves or beyond as of Sunday.  The harvest is 47% complete, which is about 8 days ahead of average.  There are farmers and agronomists reporting problems with green stems slowing down the soybean harvest progress.

The potato harvest is now 82% finished. 

Winter wheat planting is 75% done, and 47% of that newly planted wheat has emerged.  Fall tillage is 30% done.

The state’s fourth-crop alfalfa hay harvest is 96% finished.

Topsoil moisture is 77% adequate, 4% surplus, and 11% short, with comparable subsoil moisture levels.