Soybean yields pleasantly surprise southwest Iowa farmer


Soybean yields pleasantly surprise southwest Iowa farmer

A farmer in southwest Iowa can’t believe how good his soybean yields are.

Duane Aistrope farms in Fremont County and tells Brownfield the growing season started out very dry, but rains seemed to come at just the right time during the summer.

“I’d tell my son I think I killed the crop three times if we don’t get a rain within the next week, and we would get a rain.”

He says he’s harvested soybean fields that have averaged better than 70 bushels per-acre.

“And I can’t think of any time that I’ve had a whole field go 70 bushels to the acre before, so it’s amazing what our seeds will produce with no more rain than we had. And everything just happened to hit perfectly this year, so I think we’re going to be above our APH on a lot of our farms.”

Aistrope says some soybeans were getting too dry in the field, but recent rains have helped.