Purdue secures $10 mill for #DiverseCornBelt


Purdue secures $10 mill for #DiverseCornBelt

Purdue University has been awarded a $10 million grant from USDA to help diversify farms and marketing approaches to make the more resilient.

The #DiverseCornBelt project will work across Indiana, Illinois, and Iowa collecting field data to help better understand soil health, water quality, and insect biodiversity.

The project will also identify economic and social barriers and benefits of diversified systems and includes plans to engage with industry stakeholders and future workforces over the next five years.

Partners also include the American Society of Agronomy, Conservation Technology Information Center, USDA Economic Research Service, USDA Forest Service, Illinois State University, Iowa State University, The Nature Conservancy, Practical Farmers of Iowa, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, University of Iowa, University of Minnesota, and University of Wisconsin-Madison and University of Wisconsin-Platteville.