Dairy exports up again as Mexico comes back strong


Dairy exports up again as Mexico comes back strong

The U.S. Dairy Export Council says exports for the month of August showed growth for the seventh straight month despite continued port issues.

Dairy exports were up 13 percent in volume with increases reported in every major category and 26 percent in value which totaled nearly $690 million.  Exports to Mexico grew by more than twice the volume of any other market.

Cheese sales increased 18 percent for the month with major gains in Latin America which the Export Council says can avoid West Coast Port issues.

Butterfat exports in August were up 150 percent, nonfat dry milk was up 15 percent, and dry whey products were up nine percent.

The Export Council says while slightly more cargo was able to move in August off the West Coast, it’s still behind significantly from last year with many contains still leaving the U.S. empty.