Soybean yields are being decided by June rains


Soybean yields are being decided by June rains

An Indiana based agronomist says soybean yields are mostly up this fall, but some areas are yielding below expectations.

Dekalb Asgrow’s Jason Harmon tells Brownfield it’s coming down to excess rain for many growers.

“We always talk about August with soybeans, which is a big deal, but I think June, where we saw [an] excessive amount of rain, definitely slowed our beans up and where we didn’t see as much rain, I think we excelled,” he said.

Harmon said protecting against yield loss because of adverse weather starts with seed genetics.

“Let’s make sure that we have really high genetic potential in that field when we’re planting so that when we do run into adversity, if weather does not cooperate, at least we know that we’re going to have a fighting chance to get to our standard, if not above, in a year of challenges,” he said.

Harmon said growers should think about both yield potential and hardiness when it comes to weed control when comparing seed genetics.

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