Pattern of few weather-related harvest delays to continue


Pattern of few weather-related harvest delays to continue

Weather related harvest delays have been sporadic and short-lived for most corn and soybean farmers so far and Brownfield’s meteorologist expects the trend to continue.

Greg Soulje says generally the next couple weeks look favorable for significant harvest progress.

“In some areas of the eastern corn belt, corn harvest pace is about the third fastest since 2012 and we have every reason to believe that will continue to be the story.”

He says the near-term weather forecast also looks favorable for farmers in the Delta region.

“They should continue to make some acceleration here in the next couple of weeks with generally a warm, higher humidity set up, yet dryer pattern expected the next 10 days to 3 weeks.”

He says as usual with La Nina forecasts, farmers in the plains states should finish up harvest quickly before winter storms settle in.

“It is a Jekyll and Hyde set up, a balancing trick. You want moisture for pasture lands and subsoil recharge, but what is left out there to harvest on into Nebraska will probably see some substantial delays and maybe some wind issues on down the line that would weaken stalks.”

He says significant moisture from the plains on westward is anticipated over the second half of October, which will help ease drought in those areas.  

Comments from an interview with Greg Soulje