South Dakota farmer’s cattle happy again


South Dakota farmer’s cattle happy again

The September rains that revived a South Dakota farmer’s late planted soybeans have also revived his pastures.

Trent Kubik, in south central South Dakota, says fall forages they planted with hopes something would come of them have really taken off.

“When that rain hit it, I mean it jumped up. I’m a little over six foot tall and it’s well over my head.”

And his cows will now stay on pasture longer, “There’s quite a bit of  pretty fast, pretty green regrowth and the pastures are greening back up. It’s buying us another month.”

He says the weather is cooler, too, which makes for happy cows. Kubik tells Brownfield he knows they’re blessed to have this change in weather with so many producers west of him still struggling with drought. Most of his corn has been harvested for silage but this week he started combining the rest of his corn with beans and milo to follow.

Interview with Trent Kubik