Republicans doubt reconciliation bill moves this week


Republicans doubt reconciliation bill moves this week

House Ag Republicans say the reconciliation bill is unlikely to see the action it needs to pass this week.

Ranking Member Glenn “GT” Thompson of the House Ag Committee tell Brownfield no Republicans from the committee have been able to have any input in the process, “When I look at how much money is being spent this week—its unfounded that there’s no hearings, it’s like they just want to throw money at a wall.”

Troy Balderson of Ohio tells Brownfield he doesn’t believe it has the votes to come to the floor, “And that would now be included in the bipartisan infrastructure bill too and unfortunately they’ve combined the two together, so I think it makes it more challenging even to get it done this week.”

Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy also joined Ohio Farm Bureau this week for a farm forum, telling Brownfield he wants to see farmers continue to be loud about concerns like stepped up basis, “I want them to explain the challenges they have because they’re making legislation that makes it harder for our farmers to survive, they’re making it harder for somebody to invest, to be able to pass that land down to the next generation without splitting it,” he says.

Brownfield’s Nicole Heslip is at this week’s Ohio Farm Bureau’s Leadership Experience in Washington, D.C.

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