Ohio farmers take their concerns to the nation’s Capital


Ohio farmers take their concerns to the nation’s Capital

Ohio County Farm Bureau presidents and young ag professionals are gathering in Washington D.C. this week to make ag priorities known to their lawmakers.

Bill Patterson, president of the organization, tells Brownfield, “One of the most exciting things about this trip is that we’re able bring some of our strongest leaders throughout the state, as well as our young ag professional leaders, and our Agri-Power leaders,” he says.  “The opportunity for those three groups to get together and engage with each other, bringing their issues forward and perspectives to their legislators and their congressmen is just wonderful.”

Not losing steam are concerns for the potential elimination of the stepped-up basis.  Members believe repealing stepped up basis by imposing capital gain taxes at death our force many family-owned farms to liquidate assets to cover tax burdens and could force the next generation to sell part of the farm just to pay taxes.

Broadband is also a necessity farmers are urging lawmakers to support through the E-Bridge Act and Broadband for Rural America Act which would help to close the digital divide in rural America.

Members are also meeting with American Farm Bureau and USDA officials as part of this week’s leadership experience.