Kansas State, Elanco partner to pursue sustainability in livestock health


Kansas State, Elanco partner to pursue sustainability in livestock health

A Midwestern university and a global leader in animal health are researching ways to improve sustainable practices in livestock production.  

“We are looking to move the needle in mostly cattle health,” says the Dean of the Kansas State College of Veterinary Medicine Bonnie Rush.

Kansas State and Elanco Animal Health have signed a five-year alliance for collaborative research and intellectual property licensing for commercialization activities. 

She tells Brownfield the partnership with Elanco Animal health will focus on sustainability for “alternatives to antibiotics, it means producing an animal who is less likely to get sick in the production process,” she says. “The consumers have a strong interest in knowing about the process and being assured.” 

Elanco will collaborate with K-State faculty, embed scientists in K-State laboratories and utilize specialized research resources to engage in fundamental and applied collaborative research. Through the partnership, Elanco will support K-State graduate students, fellows and faculty and facilitate an exchange of expertise through researcher exchange programs.

“An alliance with Kansas State University is truly a win-win for both organizations,” said Jose Simas, executive vice president of the U.S. Farm Animal business for Elanco. “It provides Elanco with an opportunity to engage with experts beyond our own walls, focusing on timely innovation and practical solutions. Meanwhile, K- State has the opportunity to utilize the commercial expertise of a leading animal health organization with nearly 70 years of industry experience.”

The partnership will establish novel approaches to increase sustainable practices, reduce the carbon footprint of livestock production, with the goal of providing innovative solutions to veterinarians and producers to maintain healthy animals.