Iowa farmer securing 2022 inputs as harvest begins


Iowa farmer securing 2022 inputs as harvest begins

An Iowa farmer is securing as many inputs as possible with expectations of higher costs and tighter supplies in 2022.

Jeff Jorgenson of Sidney says with harvest just beginning, he’s already buying and receiving fertilizer for next year.

“As everybody in the industry has stated, it’s going to be tight and going to be more expensive (so) if you can get your hands on (inputs) you better get it done. So we’ve taken that full-tilt and are starting to get those inputs for next year.”

He tells Brownfield he’s delivering some new crop straight to the elevator to help offset next year’s input costs.

“Honestly (this is) one of the first years we’ve ever done that. We’ve pre-paid before, and I know a lot of farmers have, but this by far is a lot further extent than we ever have before in farming.”

Fertilizer prices are already 30 to 50 percent higher for 2022 when compared to this year.