World Dairy Expo underway


World Dairy Expo underway

World Dairy Expo is back after missing a year because of the pandemic.

Katie Schmitt is the Communications Manager for World Dairy Expo and says after a year off, visitors will notice some changes. Schmitt tells Brownfield, “People who come out this week are going to see a lot of the features that they know and love about Expo. You’re going to see the dairy cattle show. You’re going to see the trade show in new places like the trade center. You’re going to have the Tanbark, and it looks fantastic this year. It’s a great place to meet up with friends. You know, you’re still going to have youth contests that have happened earlier this week, but we’re going to add in Clear Connections on Friday morning and try to connect the next generation of dairy with hiring companies and farms so, really capitalizing on the connections and networking we know take place here at Expo.”

World Dairy Expo runs through Saturday in Madison, Wisconsin.