September rains turned things around for SD farmer


September rains turned things around for SD farmer

Big rains around Labor Day weekend and another big one after that turned a lot of things around for a south-central South Dakota farmer.

Trent Kubik tells Brownfield Ag News, “We were pretty convinced it was never going to rain ever again and then it started raining and it changed everyone’s mood.”

He says it was too late for corn which they’ve harvested mostly for silage but he expects soybeans to do a lot better than they had last year when the dryness started.

“We had big plants, lots of pods with not a lot of beans in them. Where this year we don’t have a very big plant, not as many pods but the pods are a lot fuller.” Kubick says they planted later maturing soybeans and that turned out to be a good decision.

He says pastures have greened back up and they’re looking at planting winter wheat very soon. Kubik says his cattle will get at least another month on pasture than expected.