Dry weather in Nebraska helps harvest, planting paces


Dry weather in Nebraska helps harvest, planting paces

The USDA says dry weather last week in Nebraska helped harvest and planting activity advance, but did have an impact on soil moisture levels.

13% of corn is harvested, compared to 7% last week and the five-year average of 10%, with 97% of the crop dented, 75% mature, and 70% rated good to excellent, 2% higher.

17% of soybeans are harvested, compared to 4% a week ago and 15% on average, with 87% of beans dropping leaves and 71% of the crop in good to excellent shape, steady.

61% of winter wheat is planted, compared to 35% the week before and the usual rate of 62%, and 20% of the crop has emerged, compared to 22% on average.

11% of sorghum is harvested, compared to 3% the previous week and the normal pace of 9%, with 62% of the crop mature and 47% of the crop called good to excellent, matching the last update.

56% of pastures and rangelands are in good to excellent condition, 1% higher, with 49% of top soil and 59% of subsoil are short to very short of moisture, both above week ago levels.