Start 2022 weed control now, during harvest


Start 2022 weed control now, during harvest

A Syngenta agronomist says farmers should be monitoring weed control successes and failures from the combine seat this harvest to prepare for the 2022 season.

Phil Krieg manages their Rend Lake Grow More Site in southern Illinois. He tells Brownfield weeds are showing up later in the season and they are seeing pressure from some weeds they have not seen in several years.

“Including things like fall panicum grass in soybeans and a little large-seeded broadleaf like cocklebur, morning glory and so forth starting to sneak back in.”

He says farmers and field trials in their area have been so focused on controlling waterhemp and Palmer Amaranth, that other weeds are gaining ground- and farmer need to take note.

“As winter progresses, we tend to forget about some of the things we saw. So, the best way to get off to a good start in 2022 is to really pay attention to successes and challenges this fall because you will be able to see weeds reenter those fields from the combine cab.”

He says one plus side to the various weeds is they have been able to get great visuals and data for their new products like Acuron GT corn herbicide and a new three-way soybean pre-emergent herbicide they hope to get registered by the end of the year.