Nebraska Farm Bureau weighs in on legislative redistricting


Nebraska Farm Bureau weighs in on legislative redistricting

The clock is running out on Nebraska lawmakers to redraw the state’s political boundaries which could leave rural Nebraska with less representation.

Mark McHargue is President of the Nebraska Farm Bureau. “We have lost people in rural Nebraska,” he says. “The question is we could lose up to three and that’d be devastating and if we lose one, is that going to be the compromise or two? It’s kind of really about the number and that’s what everyone is vying for.” 

Senators have until Saturday, according to the Legislature’s Speaker, to approve the maps. Unless a compromise is made, debate will wait until the next legislative session that begins in January potentially delaying the primary election.

He tells Brownfield once a compromise is reached, he hopes producers still have equal representation. “We’re going to let this conversation settle out a little bit more, get a little more clarity on the maps that are out there in the next couple of days, then we’ll start weighing in on that point.”

Lawmakers stalled over proposed congressional district maps Friday and over proposed legislative district maps Monday.

Brownfield interviewed McHargue at Husker Harvest Days.