MO farmer fears impacts of fragile grain market


MO farmer fears impacts of fragile grain market

A Western Cornbelt grower fears a fragile grain market could cause problems in the future.

Northwestern Missouri farmer Richard Oswald tells Brownfield recent events has him concerned about exports to China.

“I’m hoping that something bad doesn’t happen in China with the big real estate corporation that everyone’s been worried about them defaulting on their interest payments,” Oswald said.

And he said ethanol demand loss would be a tough blow for farmers…

“It’s like a three-legged stool,” he said. “If you saw one leg off, it’s just going to fall over. I think we need all these markets that we have now; we need them to keep going and it may be hard to get that done in the political environment and the financial environment that we find ourselves in right now.”

Oswald said he’s content with harvest time markets with corn above $5 and soybeans above $12 in his area.

Richard Oswald Interview