Midwest farmer re-evaluating field applications


Midwest farmer re-evaluating field applications

A Midwest grower is re-evaluating field applications for next year as input costs rise.

Northwest Missouri farmer Richard Oswald tells Brownfield he tried something new this growing season…

“We decided not to use anhydrous ammonia and went mostly with dry or liquid urea in our corn field, a mixture of both,” he said. “You know, it’s just one of those thigs you have to put on what you have to put on, within reason.”

The Atchison County farmer said he’s going to try and pair back cost but doesn’t want to sacrifice yields to do so.

“If these yields that we have this year turn out as well as we think they will, we’ll probably just stick with what we did this year again next year,” he said.

Oswald said his fields mostly need phosphorus applications and little potassium.

Richard Oswald Interview