Indiana farmer all smiles as harvest gets going


Indiana farmer all smiles as harvest gets going

A farmer in southwestern Indiana is grinning ear to ear as harvest gets going.

Ethan Clarke of Washington says he’s currently rained out following a good stretch of dry weather that allowed him to knock out several acres of soybeans.

“I’ve been smiling a lot at the yield monitor this year. In fact, I actually called my seed dealer and said I needed the weigh wagon because I don’t think this thing is calibrated right because the yield monitor was showing some very high numbers that I’d never seen before.”

He tells Brownfield soybean yields have hit triple digits.

“We’ve had good weather, and that has a lot to do with it. But I also have a very good program put together, from fertility to herbicide to seed, and just crop management as a whole.”

Clarke says when that’s paired with good growing conditions, there’s plenty of reasons to smile.