Trade remains a priority for state departments of ag


Trade remains a priority for state departments of ag

It’s no surprise trade is a priority for former USDA undersecretary and incoming National Association of State Departments of Agriculture CEO.

Ted McKinney tells Brownfield NASDA members want to help improve the global trade picture for US agriculture.  “There’s got to be things that we as the states can be doing in complement to the USDA,” he says.  

He tells Brownfield that will mean reestablishing relationships with trading partners.  “It’s the building of the trust to be able to work through problems,” he says.  “Because now we’re seeing decisions out of other parts of the world that have a direct impact on the US.”

AUDIO: Ted McKinney, incoming CEO NASDA

Retiring CEO Dr. Barb Glenn says state ag leaders will continue to be a game-changer for the ag industry.  “They will be the first call from Capital Hill or the federal agencies because we need to know what the local solution is,” she says. “And we need to get it from locals.  State departments of ag, commissioners, and directors, are the key to moving the food and ag supply chain in America.”

AUDIO: Dr. Barb Glenn, retiring NASDA CEO