Tariffs, barriers on ag products remain a mixed bag


Tariffs, barriers on ag products remain a mixed bag

Work continues to reduce or eliminate trade barriers on US ag products.

Ag Secretary Tom Vilsack says the European Union has allowed the U.S. more time to satisfy health certificates for livestock. “We were deeply concerned that might impact and affect about a billion and a half dollars of the livestock sales in the EU and we continue to work with them to make sure that health certificate is doable and practical.”

He says there’s good news with Vietnam. “A number of tariffs have been reduced – a number of SPS barriers on our products have been reduced.”

But, Kansas Senator Jerry Moran says tariffs on phosphates from Morocco are having consequences for producers. “Those tariffs are in place and this administration seems to be intending to extend them and we’re seeing significant increases in the cost of fertilizer and when farmers talk to me they want to make sure I haven’t forgotten about input costs,” Moran says.

Vilsack and Moran made their comments at the Ag Outlook Forum in Kansas City. 

The event was sponsored by the Agribusiness Council of Kansas City and AgriPulse.