Precision ag at the ’21 Farm Science Review


Precision ag at the ’21 Farm Science Review

Precision agriculture and innovation are on display at the 2021 Farm Science Review.

Cathann Kress is dean of the college of food, agricultural, and environmental sciences at Ohio State University.

“We were out at the Farm Science Review Tuesday and even though they weren’t doing a lot of the fieldwork because of the rain, they’re still doing a lot of the demonstrations with the drones, with some of the things around artificial intelligence, including the autonomous grain wagons and that’s pretty interesting to take in,” she says. “A whole bunch of our partners are out here providing a great opportunity to learn about some of the things that are new in a lot of the different parts of the industry.”

She tells Brownfield it’s exciting to be back in person at this year’s event.

Audio: Dean Cathann Kress

Farm Science Review Manager Nick Zachrich says the technology is showing growers how it can be used on the farm.

“Being able to find what’s out in the field from a drone shot, for example, and to be able to see if it’s necessary to apply say a fungicide and not broadcast apply a whole field but be able to spot those areas,” he says.

He says there’s also a lot of interest in autonomous technology in agriculture.

The Farm Science Review concludes Thursday.

Audio: Nick Zachrich