Ohio Soybean Council is helping develop new uses, increase demand for soy


Ohio Soybean Council is helping develop new uses, increase demand for soy

The chairman of the Ohio Soybean Council says there is a lot of exciting work being done to expand and commercialize new soy-based products.

Bill Bateson says the Airable Research Lab at Ohio Wesleyan University is helping increase demand for soy.

“We’re working with industry standards, and we take soybean oil and will help develop that for raw product for different industries,” he says. “Right now, we’re working with 10-12 different private sector industries to develop that so they can use it.”

He tells Brownfield one of the products the council has helped develop is Roof Maxx.

“Roof Maxx, which is all-natural and soy-based, is a spray we apply to asphalt shingles, and it makes them flexible again and helps extend the life of roofs,” he says. “We give up to a five-year warranty.”

There is also work being done to develop Enzomeal, an advanced soybean-based fish feed.

“It’s more digestible for the fish,” he says. “It’s really catching on because most of the world has a fish diet and most of the fish that’s consumed in the world is farm-raised so they need to feed them with something and soybeans are helping meet that niche.”

The Hancock County farmer has been involved with Ohio Soybean Council for 9 years.

Brownfield interviewed Bateson during the 2021 Farm Science Review.

He also spoke about GrownNextGen, a web-based education program funded by the Ohio Soybean Council and Ohio soybean farmers. The program helps bring agriculture science to the classroom.

Audio: Bill Bateson