MO farmer pleased with harvest start


MO farmer pleased with harvest start

A Western Cornbelt grower in the early stages of harvest says yields are solid overall.

Richard Oswald from northwest Missouri tells Brownfield he’s harvesting corn that was mostly knocked down by a wind storm this summer but is still seeing quality output.

“Up to 260 bushels,” Oswald said. “But then, in those areas where the corn is really flat, it’s not that good; probably 150 [bushels per acre] and that’s just because that windstorm in July damaged a lot of stocks. That meant smaller ears or maybe even no ears.”

He said only a small portion of his corn stand was knocked down. And Oswald said he’s optimistic ahead of soybean harvest after scouting three to six pods per node.

“Thanks to the fact that we had some very merciful rains that weren’t necessarily huge rains but they were very timely, the beans look to be well filled in the pods,” he said.

Oswald said while he’s a long way from having his crops out, he’s pleased his stands and market pricing heading into harvest.

Richard Oswald Interview