Hawkins urges farmers to speak up about tax policy


Hawkins urges farmers to speak up about tax policy

The president of the Missouri Farm Bureau urges farmers and ranchers to speak up about potential harmful changes to tax policy.

Garett Hawkins says while it’s encouraging that Democrats on the U.S. House Ways and Means committee have not included any changes to step up in basis it doesn’t mean the fight is over.

“I don’t think we yet know what’s going to happen and my message to my fellow farmers and ranchers is don’t take your eye off the ball. Don’t let up on the conversations of advocating for sound tax policy.”

Hawkins says farmers need to keep the pressure on lawmakers.

“It is so easy for us to think that, maybe, stepped-up basis is off the table. Don’t take the pressure off. Don’t stop talking about the importance of this issue to your ability to pass the farm on to the next generation.”

Hawkins says farmers must be engaged because tax policy is set a thousand miles away and not all policy makers understand the on the ground impact on farmers.

Brownfield interviewed Hawkins at the Ag Outlook Forum sponsored by AgriPulse and the Agricultural Business Council of Kansas City.