Groups support methane pledge as Vilsack hopes FDA will


Groups support methane pledge as Vilsack hopes FDA will

The American Feed Industry Association and the European Compound Feed Manufacturers’ Federation say they support the U.S./E.U. Global Methane Pledge which calls for the use of scientific innovation to cut methane emissions by 30% below 2020 levels by 2030.

Ag Secretary Vilsack says the Food and Drug Administration has reached out to him to hopefully advance the regulatory structure for animal biotech products which is greatly needed to fulfill the methane pledge.

“Part of that involves an FDA that understands and appreciate that we’re not talking about some pharmaceutical application, we’re talking about – literally –  a feed additive that ought to be treated a little bit differently from a perspective of a regulatory review.”

Vilsack says that can’t be done without the FDA changing the regulatory structure.

“I think FDA is now open, MORE open, than they have been to conversations and hopefully that leads to not only the speeding up their current process but encouraging them to think differently and to think broadly.”

Vilsack says everyone needs to think broadly, including the USDA, when it comes to climate change goals.

Vilsack spoke at the Ag Outlook Summit sponsored by AgriPulse and the Agricultural Business Council of Kansas City.