Farmers expect average- to above-average crops


Farmers expect average- to above-average crops

Harvest has begun for some Midwestern farmers.

Southwestern Ohio farmer Dave Clark says his corn crop is looking good.

“I was actually surprised with over 200 bushel corn,” he says. “So, it’s going quite well.”

The Warren County farmer says soybean harvest is about seven to 10 days away in his area.

Northwest Ohio farmer Bill Bateson says corn harvest is underway.

“It’s under 30 percent moisture so we’re good there,” he says. “Overall, I think the crops will be average to better. Soybean yields in the area so far have been mid-50s to upper-60s and that’s good for our area.”    

The Hancock County farmer raises corn, soybeans, wheat, hay, and a small herd of beef cattle.

Brownfield interviewed Clark and Bateson during the 2021 Farm Science Review in London, Ohio.