Agronomist discusses crop variability on water-limited acres


Agronomist discusses crop variability on water-limited acres

An agronomist with Advanced Agrilytics says a relatively dry stretch will likely lead to variability in crops.  

Jason Greve is based in western Ohio and says he’s starting to see some issues on water-limited acres.

“The biggest thing I see right now is a progression on some of these hybrids and varieties,” he says. “Some of them have prematurely looked like they’re ready for harvest specifically on corn.”

He tells Brownfield Advanced Agrilytics is working to help growers make the best management decisions.

“Tactics that we’ll employ is how to manage fertility on that dry acre, how we are setting up that factory and building that stored reserve so that when we go through these August dry stretches we can guard against those conditions a little bit better,” he says. “…that’s one thing that we really keep at the forefront of Advanced Agrilytics—how to mitigate that stress and manage around that environmental variability within each field we typically encounter and really set that crop up to be as successful in those specific environments as we can.”

Greve says he’s seeing significant differences in those fields.

“I’m really seeing that crop have a drastic response—seeing how we’re managing acres compared to how some of these other fields are managed,” he says. “What it really comes down to is that we know kernel depth is a huge factor on corn in determining overall grain yield and I really want to keep that plant clicking along as long as possible because if I can do that I can achieve a longer grain fill period and tack a lot of bushels on for that grower.”

Harvest is just getting underway on the western part of the state.

“Our prospects for attaining pretty respectable yield levels look pretty good right now for corn and soybeans,” he says.

Advanced Agrilytics is a team of agronomists focused on unbiased recommendations and backed by a team of data experts helping growers with management decisions.

Audio: Jason Greve