Using yield information to better next year’s crops


Using yield information to better next year’s crops

An agronomist says farmers can use yield information this fall to better their crop next year.

AgriLiquid’s Stephanie Zelinko tells Brownfield harvest is the best time to spot strong and weak points in the field…

“Follow up with soil tests,” Zelinko said. “Work with an agronomist that knows what those soil test numbers mean, and then you can help make those weaker parts much stronger and then figure out what makes that strong part so good. And you can help narrow that down to help make those management decisions for next year.”

She said growers need to be consistent when taking soil samples for the best results.

“If you always sample in the fall for soil tests, make sure you always sample in the fall,” she Zelinko said. “Or, if you have to switch that from fall sampling, make sure you know what those differences are.”

Zelinko said growers can use yield maps to find their field’s weak and strong points when sampling.

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