Missouri farmers want credit for conservation in climate change


Missouri farmers want credit for conservation in climate change

The president of the Missouri Farm Bureau says the state’s farmers have a great story to tell about environmental solutions to climate change. Garrett Hawkins says the Biden Administration’s whole of government approach must include farmers at the table.

 “The biggest frustration I hear is fingers are often pointed at agriculture, that we’re part of the problem and within Farm Bureau we are spending a lot of time working to set the record straight.”

Hawkins says Missouri farmers have been using climate smart practices for years which have been bolstered by the state’s sales tax for soil conservation

“That tax has been overwhelmingly approved by Missourians every 10 years and has provided benefits all across the state in the form of helping farmers and ranchers put common sense conservation practices on the ground.”

And when it comes to carbon markets to increase revenue, they want to know what strings are attached.

“What restrictions might be put in place if you enter into a contract? So farmers need to read these contracts closely and really give thought to how it impacts your operation today and in the future.”

Brownfield interviewed Hawkins at the Ag Outlook Forum was sponsored by AgriPulse and the Agricultural Business Council of Kansas City.

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