Leading biofuel producer POET getting back to normal


Leading biofuel producer POET getting back to normal

One of the world’s largest biofuel producers continues to rebound following unprecedented disruptions caused by COVID-19.

Doug Berven with South Dakota-based POET says the ripple effects of domestic fuel demand being cut in half early in the pandemic are still being felt.

“I’m happy to report that right now we’re running somewhere around 95 to 100 percent of current demand for September over the last several years. So we’re getting back to normal, but we’re not at normal.”

And he tells Brownfield “normal” is not where POET wants to be.

“We need to get to a point where we’re blending more ethanol into the fuel supply. More biofuels leads to so many benefits.”

Berven says the biofuels industry has about 2 billion gallons of excess capacity which is why there’s a huge push to get higher blends in the U.S. fuel supply and grow ethanol exports.