Fall armyworms continue to cause problems


Fall armyworms continue to cause problems

Photo courtesy of Iowa State University Extension

Farmers across much of the Midwest continue to face fall armyworm pressure. 

Randy Niver is a technical agronomist for DEKALB Asgrow in east-central Illinois.  “It’s a migratory pest so we don’t see it every year,” he says.  “This year it’s starting to show up in alfalfa and pasture ground so if you have a soybean field around – be scouting for it.”

AUDIO: Randy Niver, DEKALB Asgrow

Channel agronomist Brandon Beck says this has been one of the worst years he can remember for fall armyworms.  “A lot of guys with double-crop beans have been coming in a spraying an insecticide on them late,” he says.  “On regular crop beans there’s enough dead material they’re not moving through them as well.  Even outside of Channel Seed, I’ve had a lot of guys asking questions about their hay fields with the armyworms coming in late and devastating hay fields in just a couple of days.”

AUDIO: Brandon Beck, Channel

Both agronomists say scouting is crucial to detection and the pests have the ability to destroy a crop overnight.