Biden pledges to reduce methane


Biden pledges to reduce methane

The National Cattlemen’s Beef Association is asking for agriculture to be part of the discussion in the Biden administration’s new Global Methane Pledge.

The U.S. and European Union are pledging to reduce methane emissions by nearly 30 percent by 2030 with livestock, fossil fuels, and landfills identified as major contributors.

Last month, NCBA released plans for the cattle industry to become carbon neutral by 2040.  The organization wants to see policy use the most up-to-date science and data available which accurately account for emissions.  Methane naturally breaks down in the atmosphere in about 12 years or less.

The dairy industry has also committed to becoming net-zero by 2050 and sees methane digesters and feed additives as potential solutions to reducing methane emissions within the industry.

A recent United Nations report finds more than 30 percent of methane emissions globally are produced by the livestock industry.