Harvest is underway in southern Indiana


Harvest is underway in southern Indiana

Harvest is underway for southwestern Indiana farmer Mark Seib.

“We’ve harvested about 200 acres of corn already and moisture has been running at about 20 percent,” he says. “We’ve also harvested some beans. Soybeans have been not quite there yet—they’re at about 14 percent moisture— but they’re getting pretty close.”

He tells Brownfield corn yields have been better than expected.

“We’re looking at about 20 bushels better than we had last year per acre,” he says.

Seib says they paused fieldwork briefly Wednesday after receiving a half inch of rain.

“That’s allowed us to get things repaired or up to snuff,” he says. “…We’ve got some cloudy skies moving in, so we’ll wait and see what happens, but everyone has been healthy and safe and that’s what I wish for everybody—for all the farmers to be safe through this harvest season.”

He says harvest is a little early this year.

“We’re a little bit ahead of schedule and we will be even further ahead of schedule with corn now being at 20 percent,” he says. “If Mother Nature doesn’t interfere too much, we’re going to be done with corn by the end of September. I feel like that’s going to be fairly close for the majority of farmers down here.”

Seib grows corn and soybeans in Posey County.