Corteva highlights Kyber, announces Resicore XL


Corteva highlights Kyber, announces Resicore XL

Corteva Agriscience Marketing Development Specialist Mike Koenigs says Kyber, the recently launched soybean herbicide product, has led to excellent weed control.

“It has three different ingredients, touching three modes of action,” he says. “Kyber does such a good job against waterhemp and is also good on other tough broadleaf weeds and grasses.”

He also told Brownfield about Resicore XL, a corn herbicide that the company is looking to launch in 2022.

“We still have a few regulatory hurdles, but that product will be called Resicore XL,” he says. “A lot of people will be familiar with a product we currently have called straight Resicore. Resicore XL will have several advantages including a larger application window and formulation improvements.”

Audio: Mike Koenigs