SD farmer expects better yields than first thought


SD farmer expects better yields than first thought

A farmer in southeastern South Dakota says rains in July and August have helped his crops in an otherwise drought year.

Kevin Deinert, who farms in Mount Vernon, South Dakota, tells Brownfield Ag News his yields won’t be great but they’ll be okay.

“It’s not going to be a bin-busting year but I think we’re still going to come in around a fairly good average around here, a little better than what we were expecting. Maybe credit that to modern genetics and modern farming practices.”

Deinert says the recent rains helped his soybeans the most. He’s wrapping up cutting silage this week and will take out some corn for high moisture feed. His farm is not in the extreme drought parts of the state but in the moderate to severe category.

Deinert is executive vice president of the South Dakota Soybean Association.

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