Farmer says yields looking good in western Kentucky


Farmer says yields looking good in western Kentucky

Photo by Sharon Furches

A western Kentucky farmer is expecting above average yields as harvest continues.

Sharon Furches of Murray tells Brownfield they began harvesting corn September 7th at around 22% moisture and because Mother Nature was kind to them this growing season, “We’re looking for a better than average corn crop right now and prices are good at this point in time. Those things rarely go together but this year they seem to be at least for this period of time.”

She says while there are soybeans being harvested in their area, they only plant later season soybean varieties, so combines won’t begin rolling in their bean fields for another 3-4 weeks.

“But, soybeans do look good! Because ours are a later variety, some rain is still helpful and every time we get a good inch or two, it populates that much more so we are pleased with it.”

Furches is in her third year as 2nd Vice President of the Kentucky Farm Bureau Federation and is the first woman to serve in that role.