MO farmer expects ‘zeros’ in field to add up


MO farmer expects ‘zeros’ in field to add up

A Midwest farmer is expecting several holes in his fields to take a toll on yields this fall. West-central Missouri farmer Daniel Carpenter tells Brownfield the small pockets of ‘zeros’ add up.

“Those zeros are going to take our averages closer to below average than our highs are going to take us above average,” he said.

He said cool, wet weather during most of April made it difficult for his crops to get started.

“Every producer in the country dreams that when they sink the planter in the ground in April and May that what they put in the ground is going to be a perfect stand when it comes up and I think we were just challenged from the get-go,” Carpenter said.

He said he expects yields to come in under his area’s average of around 180 bushels per acre for corn and 50 bushel per acre for soybeans. Carpenter said he’ll likely start corn harvest in the next two weeks.

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