Duvall urges House not to hasten budget package


Duvall urges House not to hasten budget package

American Farm Bureau president Zippy Duvall is urging congressional leaders not to use the budget reconciliation process because the budget package includes tax increases on America’s farmers and ranchers and there has been too little transparency in the process.

Duvall says he’s deeply concerned that another massive partisan bill would move through which would be paid for by steep tax hikes on farmers “despite all claims to the contrary.”

Budget reconciliation is a special parliamentary procedure of Congress that speeds up the passage of certain budget bills in the Senate.

While the reconciliation package might include increased funding for conservation, ag research and other important farm policy programs – Duvall says Farm Bureau is calling on Congress to be transparent and work in a bipartisan manner when writing legislation. He says public hearings should be held in the long-held tradition of bipartisanship.