SDS sets in late across Iowa soybean fields


SDS sets in late across Iowa soybean fields

There’s some disease pressure in Iowa soybean fields despite a hot and dry growing season.

Corey Hillebo farms near Polk City in central Iowa and says he doesn’t have to look far to find Sudden Death Syndrome.

“I’m actually sitting in a field drive of beans right now (and) can kind of see it from the truck. I walked some beans earlier this week. It’s odd, right? Sudden Death usually comes in when it’s cool and wet.”

Speaking to Brownfield August 25th, he says SDS set in later than normal and isn’t appearing in patches like he’s used to seeing.

“I’m seeing it just randomly throughout the field. It might be a plant here or a plant there, a leaf here or a leaf there.”

Hillebo says because of that he’s not expecting much of a yield drag for earlier planted soybeans.