Bustos handles Next Generation Fuels Act with a sense of urgency


Bustos handles Next Generation Fuels Act with a sense of urgency

Congresswoman Cheri Bustos of Illinois says she is hopeful the Next Generation Fuels Act she has introduced will get passed in a timely manner.

Bustos tells Brownfield while there is a long legislative process for it to go through, she is seeing a lot of support.

“We have bipartisan support, we have the endorsement of a lot of key groups like the National Corn Growers Association and ADM, even the major car manufacturers are quietly saying they are on board with this.”

She says it is her goal to set the legislation in motion before her term ends in January 2023, since she is not seeking re-election.

“We have a sense of urgency; I see the clock ticking and know that I have 16 months left so I want to do everything we can to be successful this term. And if not, we will make sure someone that takes my place or someone else who serves in congress will serve as the lead sponsor, but I am hopeful we can make good progress this time.”

The Next Generation Fuels Act would require vehicle manufacturers to ensure new fleets are capable of burning E20 fuel within 5 years and E30 fuel within 10 years in an effort to reduce carbon emissions and address climate concerns. Bustos says this is a much-needed interim solution while the nation plans for electric vehicle infrastructure.

Brownfield interviewed Bustos at the 2021 Farm Progress Show in Decatur, Illinois.