Herbicide availability could be an issue again in 2022


Herbicide availability could be an issue again in 2022

Certain herbicides were in short supply this summer and an Enlist field specialist is concerned about a repeat.

Steve Snyder tells Brownfield using multiple modes of action helps farmers stave off resistant weeds.

“We did a lot of Enlist One, but some of the glyphosate and glufosinate products were a little more challenging to get, so we didn’t see quite as much tank mixing as we would like. And with those tank mixes, we’re always getting better weed control.”

He says it’s possible the same herbicides will be hard to come by again next year.

“We don’t know what the supply issues will be yet, you hear rumors both ways. But I think it’s probably safe to say if you can secure your glyphosate and glufosinate products earlier versus later, you’re going to be in better shape.”

Snyder says because Enlist herbicides are produced in the U.S., he’s not expecting any supply issues for 2022.

Brownfield interviewed Snyder during a recent Peterson Farms Seed field day near Prosper, North Dakota.