Direct cash cattle sales remain undeveloped, cash hogs lower

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Direct cash cattle sales remain undeveloped, cash hogs lower

The direct cash cattle market is still very quiet Wednesday. There are no bids. Asking prices are around $125 in the South, and still not established in the North. It’s expected that packer inquiry should improve today.

Boxed beef at midday is lower on light to moderate box movement. Choice boxes are down $1.53 at $340.58. Select boxes are down 24 cents at $311.79.

At the Kingsville, Missouri Livestock Auction Tuesday, 1,290 head of mostly yearling cattle. Compared to last week, steers traded steady and heifers sold steady to spots $5.00 higher on 500 to 650 pounders. There was very good demand for feeders.

Medium and large frame #1 steers:
116 head, weighing 702 to 729 pounds, brought $163.85 to $168.25.

Medium and large frame #1 heifers:
115 head, weighing 656 to 678 pounds, brought $154.50 to $162.00.

At the Ozarks Regional Stockyards Feeder Cattle Auction in West Plains, Missouri, 2,550 head on Tuesday’s sale.

Compared to last week, steer and heifer calves traded steady to $5.00 higher. Not enough yearlings last week for a decent test, but undertones were steady to firm. Demand was good on a moderate supply, including a four load draft of 220 931-pound steers that brought $152.25. This was $7.25 higher than the last comparable offering of four weeks ago. Some producers don’t have grass, prompting earlier selling, and producers with grass are taking home weaned calves to graze.

Medium and large frame #1 heifers:
106 head, weighing 561 to 586 pounds, brought $150.00 to $155.00.

Cash hogs opened lower.

National Direct barrows and gilts are $3.18 lower, ranging from $88.00 to $94.00, at a weighted average of $88.30. Western Cornbelt hogs are at a weighted average of $91.32. The five-day rolling average on National Direct hogs is $91.24; for Iowa/Minnesota, it’s $97.76 and the Western Cornbelt hog five-day rolling average is $97.68.

Illinois Direct slaughter sows are $2.00 lower, with moderate to good demand for heavy offerings. 

US 1-3 under 400 lbs.   68.00-72.00
                400-500 lbs.   73.00-75.00
                500-600 lbs.   76.00-78.00
              Over 600 lbs.   79.00-83.00
Boars: under 300 lbs.   45.00-50.00       
               over 300 lbs.   10.00-12.00
Illinois Direct barrows and gilts are steady, with moderate to good demand. 220-290 lbs. at 56.00 to 65.00.

The pork carcass cutout value is down $2.95 today at $106.06.