Harvest sneaking up on some Iowa farmers


Harvest sneaking up on some Iowa farmers

Harvest is sneaking up on some Iowa farmers.

Corey Hillebo, who grows corn and soybeans near Polk City in central Iowa, says crops are maturing quickly.

“Corn is coming along faster than I’d like to see it. I’ve been seeing Group 2 and earlier beans already starting to turn (color). So two to three weeks out if you’ve got an earlier than Group 2 bean, you might be seeing some leaves on the ground and seeing some ready for harvest.”

He doesn’t expect corn harvest to really get going until the end of September.

In north-central Iowa, Brent Renner of Klemme tells Brownfield the combination of early planting and a dry, hot summer should lead to an early harvest.

“I’m going to have a few farms that matured quicker than normal, so we are getting equipment ready to go (so we’re) ready when that time comes, not knowing exactly when it will come. That probably still hinges on what the weather does through September.”

The latest weekly USDA crop report for Iowa shows corn development is about a week ahead of the five-year average and soybeans are maturing a couple days faster than normal.

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