Tennessee farmers begin corn harvest


Tennessee farmers begin corn harvest

Corn harvest has started in parts of Tennessee.

According to the USDA, hot dry conditions in the western part of the state last week allowed 1% of the crop to dry out and be harvested. One-quarter of the crop is mature with 76% rated good to excellent.

Cotton is 96% is setting bolls and 5% opening bolls, with 62% of the crop rated good to excellent.  90% of soybeans are setting pods, with 72% rated good to excellent.  Tobacco is rated 64% good to excellent with 95% of the crop topped and 33% cut.

Pasture conditions declined this week at 59% good to excellent as farmers across the state battle high populations of army worms. Some infestations are bad enough farmers must begin feeding ay.  

Topsoil moisture is 80% and subsoil moisture is 79% adequate to surplus.