Most Wisconsin crops benefited from rain


Most Wisconsin crops benefited from rain

Most Wisconsin crops received some moisture in the week ending Sunday, but the Madison to Milwaukee area and some areas in far northern Wisconsin continued their 2021 dry trend.  Rainfall amounts ranged from less than half an inch in the dry zones to a band of nearly eight inches of rain between Wisconsin Rapids and Green Bay.  The heavy rains did cause some crop damage.

Wisconsin topsoil moisture is now 65% adequate with 18% surplus and 10% short.  Subsoil levels are comparable.

Eighty-three percent of Wisconsin’s corn is in the dough stage or beyond with 46% dented.  Two percent of the corn is mature.  The crop is 78% good to excellent, up three points from a week ago.

Ninety-five percent of the state’s soybeans are setting pods, and some fields are seeing some leaves dropping.  Seventy-five percent of the crop is considered good to excellent.

Eighty-five percent of the oats are harvested.

The potato harvest is now 27% finished, and growers say 92% of the crop is good to excellent.

The third cutting of alfalfa hay is 88% finished but slowed by last week’s rains but still a day ahead of average.  The fourth cutting is underway in many areas.  The all-hay condition is 74% good to excellent, and pastures are 61% good to excellent.