Farm Progress Show field demos are full speed ahead


Farm Progress Show field demos are full speed ahead

Farm Progress Show Manager Matt Jungmann says there’s always a lot of excitement around the Field Demos at the show.  And this year is no exception.  “The corn went in on time,” he says.  “It’s had a good growing season, it had some timely rains, and it’s maturing right on time.”

He tells Brownfield they actually take about half the acres off before the show is ever opened to the public.  “It’s so we have room for overflow parking and ride and drives,” he says.  “And this year, a big autonomy zone.  Where Raven is going to be running both of their platforms,  and the sprayer drone, applying spray and cover crop with a drone.”

And, Jungmann says that autonomy zone will tie all the field demos together.  “They’ll have both of the Raven platforms running,” he says.  “And then when the harvest demo kicks off, we’re going to pull one of those tools out and we’re going to pull that auto-cart out and actually run it in the regular harvest demonstration.  Without an operator, next to a combine, and unloading on the go.”

The show runs from Tuesday, August 31 to Thursday, September 1, 2021. Jungmann says they’re following safety precautions for COVID-19 per current State and Local Health Department guidance. 

A link to those details can be found HERE.

Brownfield’s Cyndi Young, Meghan Grebner, Amie Simpson, Rhiannon Branch, and Will Robinson will be on the ground covering the event. Click HERE for the latest stories from Decatur, Ill.