Biden won’t re-list wolves on ESL


Biden won’t re-list wolves on ESL

The Biden administration says they will not try to put gray wolves back on the Endangered Species List. 

Wolf populations have grown, and efforts to de-list them began during the Obama administration.  President Trump’s administration completed the delisting shortly before he left office.  President Biden’s Assistant Director for Ecological Services at the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Services Gary Frazer reportedly calls de-listing the correct course of action.

Wisconsin Senator Ron Johnson supported several pieces of legislation on behalf of farmers, ranchers, and landowners to de-list the wolf, but he says Congress still needs to pass a law that will codify the administrative rulings from Presidents Obama, Trump, and Biden.

Wisconsin held a winter 2021 wolf hunt which was cut short because hunters quickly reached wolf quotas.  The Natural Resources Board recently approved a fall hunt with quotas exceeding the recommendations of the Department of Natural Resources, noting wolf populations over one thousand are beyond the management goal of 350.